The CatteryTwo black and white cats curled up together


The cattery has been recently modernised using the latest design of pens which are hygienic warm and safe. Each pen is heated through the winter and we ensure the cattery is cool in the summer with the aid of air conditioning units so that your cat enjoys a pleasant temperature throughout the year.

We know how much cats love to bathe in the sun and that is why our cattery has a part transparent roof although there is also plenty of shade available in their bedroom or on the floor should they choose to stay out of the sun.


A shot of a cattery pen with a cat in the bedA cat sat in the bed


Your cat is cleaned out routinely twice a day and we constantly check them throughout the day. The pens are all large enough for two cats from the same family to share. The floors of the pens are all tiled and there is a raised sleeping pen that can be shut if you cat is nervous to create a safe and quiet area for your cat to adjust to their new surroundings in their own time.



We feed the cats on Science Plan biscuit and Whiskers meat although we can cater for most fussy eaters and if your cat doesn't eat one type of food we will try them on different flavours / types until we find something they like to eat. Tuna is also available and if your cat is use to a specific diet we can happily discuss this with you to ensure they stick to their diet.


Cat sat up looking forwards

Any medication can be catered for at no extra cost.




The council state all vaccinations must be completed 4 weeks before boarding, as this is the maximum time necessary for vaccines to become effective, a shorter period is accepted if veterinary evidence is provided based on manufacturers instructions.


Please read our terms and conditions before boarding with us

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