The Kennels


The kennels are spacious and are all big enoughKennel with tiled floor and bed with beding in to accommodate 2 dogs from the same family,

we also have larger family kennels which can accommodate 3 or 4 dogs from the same home.

All kennels have a outside run where your dog can exercise. They can access the kennel and the run all day so they can relax in their bed or enjoy the great outdoors!





Your dog will be let out in a large secure grass paddock for them to burn off that excess energy, here Shamus the Irish wolf hound is enjoying a run.


Far out image of Irish wolf hound running in paddock

Irish wolf hound in paddock




Hygiene is a major factor so all the kennels and runs are meticulously cleaned every day and

in-between each stay the kennels are scrubbed and hosed out. We use a hygienic disposable bedding that is soft, absorbent and warm. This is changed regularly and provides an excellent material for your dog to snuggle into at night and much better then the traditional shredded paper.


 Cute puppy curled up in bed


All the kennels are heated at no extra charge and in the hotter periods your dog has access to the run for longer until it has cooled down.


We also have a isolation unit so that if any dog becomes ill in its stay it can stay in the unit which is away from the main kennels so it is quieter. This can also help to prevent any other dogs becoming sick if the illness is contractible.


The kennels are under 24 hour supervision, with our vet also on 24 hour call.


We have a fully stocked feed store offering most major types of dog food in an effort to cater for as many diets as possible. If your dog is on a special type of diet that we do not stock you are more than welcome to bring it with you and we will feed them on their diet following your instructions.

German shephard lay down in grass

Any medication can be catered for at no extra cost including injections. A member of our trained staff will ensure that your dog receives the correct medication at the correct time.



The council state all vaccinations must be completed 4 weeks before boarding, as this is the maximum time necessary for vaccines to become effective, a shorter period is accepted if veterinary evidence is provided based on manufacturers instructions.


They also state that all dogs must have a name tag containing the owners name and address, if they do not have one we can provide a temporary one for use whilst boarding.


Please read our terms and conditions before boarding with us

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