Canine Treadmill


We have a canine Fit-Fur-Life treadmill available, which we use to help keep dogs fit and healthy.


Labrador running on treadmill


The treadmill is used for a variety of applications including:


Helping over-weight dogs lose weight.

Improving fitness of your dog.

Helping to achieve peak physical condition in show dogs and pets alike.

Aiding the recovery of injuries and operations.


A side view of the labrador running on the treadmill

To keep dogs at peak fitness they need to have a totally controlled exercise regime. The treadmill can be used with a regime that is tailor made to your dogs individual needs ensuring that the exercise they receive is stress free, and gentle on limbs and joints, whilst improving/maintaining the dogs fitness level.


The treadmill has a variable incline adjuster and a delicate speed adjuster, it has built in safety features including a none slip surface & safety cut off.


Veterinary treatment of injuries



When working with a Veterinary Surgeon the treadmill can help a dog to recover from an injury by giving it exercise which ensures the rehabilitation of locomotion under carefully controlled, variable conditions.



The treadmill regime set out for a dog can help to:


Improve muscle tone & bulk, improving body posture.

Improve exercise tolerance and cardiovascular function.

Enhance spinal stability.

Enhance joint flexibility.

Enhance the recovery of injured ligaments and tendons.

Ensure that all four limbs are exercised equally and appropriately.



After your dog has suffered an injury or recovering from and operation the treadmill can be used to help:


Enhance muscle repair.

Improve joint flexibility.

Enhance ligament recovery.

Enhance tendon recovery.


The treadmill can be used to improve your dogs fitness and condition by:


Improving muscle tone and condition.

Improving your dogs exercise tolerance (cardiovascular).

Aid in the development of pelvic and hind limb areas.

Improving your dogs body posture.

Help overweight dogs to lose weight efficiently, when used with a calorie controlled diet.



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